Interesting Science This Week. Week 4

Originally posted on July 03, 2016 at my blogger site.

Have you ever been to a hospital for a health check-up and wondered, while the doctors and nurses were poking needles and probes all over your body, if there was an easy, less painful way to do things? Worry not, the science gods have answered your prayers. According to a recently published research report, the state of a person’s health can be predicted from his/her facial features. For the study, a group of researchers from China looked at 3D scan images of the faces of more than 300 people (both male and female) in the 17 to 77 age range. For each age group and each gender, the scientists generated average 3D images of faces and from comparing their facial features such as eye slopes and nose width generated a map of changes in facial features with ageing. When the average 3D faces of a particular age group was compared to real faces, it was found that on average the chronological age of a person differed from their facial age by about 6 years. The most interesting finding in this study was that biological parameters such as the blood profile of a person coincided more with their facial age than the chronological age. What that means is that, you might be 50 years old but if the machinery inside your body resembles that of a 45 year old or of a 55 year old, it is going to show on your face. The face, it seems, is the mirror to not just the mind.

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