Bulletin: 03/2018

I begin this bulletin with a sad and frustrating piece of news. Shyama Prasad, a 24 year old ITI student who is associated with RSS and ABVP, was mercilessly hacked to death by a gang of 3 in Kannur, Kerala. Police has arrested 4 criminals associated with SDPI in relation to this case. For the uninitiated, SDPI is the political arm of the a Muslim fundamentalist outfit, PFI, with presence mostly in northern Kerala and south coastal Karnataka. PFI gained national notoriety in 2010 after they chopped off the hands of a Christian college professor, T J Joseph. SDPI is also an alliance partner of Congress party for the upcoming assembly elections in Karnataka and had made a heavy financial contribution to the election fund of Congress supported far-left politician, Jignesh Mewani. Shyam is the 18th person associated with RSS/BJP to have been murdered in Kerala since the CPI(M) led state government came to power in 2016.

In another incident, PFI criminals attacked and injured a number of Hindu devotees participating in Annadaanam (food distribution) at a temple in Kollam, Kerala. The incident happened at Poruvazhi Sree Dharma Sastha Temple near Sasthamkotta on January 13th, a day before the sacred Makara Vilakku in Sabarimala. Police have charged Ansil, Hashim and an unknown person from Ashtamudi in this case and are trying to trace them. Further reporting on the incident is here (Malayalam).

Being efficient at your job and receiving praise from the Prime Minister for that could land police officers in Kerala in trouble. That is the message one gets from the way P. Vijayan, the former Inspector General incharge of Ernakulam range, has been treated by the state government. Mr Vijayan had initiated the Punyam Poonkavanam program to encourage the participation of devotees in maintaining cleanliness at the Sabarimala temple and the forest surrounding it. The program and Mr Vijayan received effusive praise from PM Modi during the last Mann Ki Baat program. The CPI(M) led state government has now transferred Mr Vijayan out as incharge of the Ernakulam range and appointed him incharge of administration at the state police headquarters.

India now has a First Ladies club. The President of India felicitated 112 exceptional women at the Rashtrapathi Bhawan who were the first to set an exceptional milestone in their respective fields.  Those felicitated by the President include the 1st visually challenged Indian Foreign Service officer, 1st woman railway porter, 1st Indian woman to climb Mt. Everest, 1st woman bartender, 1st woman coffee taster, 1st woman fire fighter etc. Something for all of us to celebrate and feel proud about. More reporting on this here and here (Malayalam).

A person working as an attendant in the Sealdah Rajdhani express has been paralyzed and is fighting for his life after being assaulted on board the train. Sushanta Behera was assaulted by Md. Zaid and his uncle M. Quraishi because a carton of ice cream that Behera was carrying had unintentionally bushed against Zaid. Both the criminals have now been arrested.

Police in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh have discovered a vast “underground city” being constructed illegally under a mosque. The illegal construction is spread over more than 8000 square feet and includes a large number of shops and corridors. Most alarmingly, this criminal activity was discovered only a few meters away from the Kashi Viswanath temple complex, one of the most holy sites of Hindus and a high profile target of terrorists in India. Further reporting on this is here and here.

Two live bombs, each weighing about 10 Kg, have been discovered very close to the Mahabodhi temple in Bodh Gaya, Bihar averting what could have been a  major tragedy and a loss of face for India internationally. The bombs were found during searches following the explosion of another low intensity device. The Dalai Lama is currently visiting Bodh Gaya and is staying at a monastery close to the temple. The police have not ruled out the involvement of Rohingya terrorists in the incident.

In yet another news of the educational institutions going too far with “disciplinary measures”, it is reported that a class 10 student of Don Bosco school, Chennai passed away following punishment for being late to school prayer. The school principal, Arul Lourdusamy, and the physical trainer have been arrested following the unfortunate incident.


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