Bulletin: 07/2018

With a heavy heart, we start yet another Bulletin with the news of a young man falling prey to the blood lust of the CPI(M) in Kannur, Kerala. This time it is a Congress party worker, 27 year old Shuhaib, who was attacked by a CPI(M) murder squad, first with bombs and then hacked till he died. According to some reports, there were at least 38 cut injuries just on his legs below the knee. The CPM following their regular procedure, initially denied their involvement in the incident but soon videos emerged where the party workers were seen raising slogans warning Shuhaib of dire consequences.

As if that was not enough to put any normal human off, the CPM added another savagery feather to its cap this week. It was reported that a woman in Thamarassery, Kerala was forced to abort her 4 month old fetus after she was attacked by a local party leader. The woman’s crime was that she tried to intervene when her husband was assaulted by the said communist leader. The family had to hold protests outside the police station to force the authorities to act who were otherwise trying to protect the ruling party functionary.

A case under Juvenile justice act has been registered by the police in Ernakulam, Kerala against the nuns running the Christ King orphanage. The action came after about 20 girls in the 7 – 15 year age group walked out of the orphanage accusing the nuns of harassing them. The girls were physically abused and sometimes, even starved.

Police in Pondicherry have arrested a 66 year old of French nationality on charges of paedophilia. Thierry Gagner was running a non-governmental organization (NGO) involved in “humanitarian” work. He is alleged to have been sexually exploiting a 12 year old girl for the last 5 years. The victim and her 3 younger sisters have been rescued by the police.

Elections to the state assembly are due in Nagaland and the salesmen of religion just can’t stay away from trying to control the democratic process. The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) has issued orders to the believers asking them to not “surrender Christian principles and faith for the sake of money, development”. To further its communal agenda, the NBCC is employing the time-tested tactic of misinformation and scaremongering. In its letter, NBCC makes patently evidence-free allegations like “pastors, evangelists and missionaries are dragged openly in the streets”, “their homes destroyed and children discriminated in schools” and “the Bible is openly burnt and confiscated” in rest of India. It bears to remember that ahead of the Delhi assembly elections in 2015, a similar misinformation campaign about “Church attacks” was propagated by “secular” parties and their friend in media which died down as soon as the electioneering came to an end.

 In another north-eastern state that is having assembly elections, Tripura, members from 25 Muslim families have been banned from praying at the local mosque in Madhyatilla village under Shantirbazar sub-division. Their crime Рthey joined the opposition BJP which angered the ruling CPI(M) party. These families have also been facing social isolation and been deprived of government entitlements.

A petition has been filed before the Supreme Court of India seeking permission to file a review petition challenging the previous orders in relation to the Andhra Pradesh Endowments Act 8 of 2014. It has been pointed out that the said act is detrimental to the of Temple system in India and the court has been urged to “protect the rights of devotees who are entitled to their temples free from politicisation, corruption and commercialisation”.

Vijayanagara was one of the greatest Hindu empires ever and Hampi, its capital, a symbol of the wealth, both physical and intellectual, of the Hindu civilization. That symbol of our civilization was hacked and razed to ground by the barbarian armies of the Sultans after the Battle of Tallikota. The city, and our civilization, has remained in ruins ever since. The BJP government at the Centre has now announced plans to revive Humpi and develop it into an iconic tourism destination. The state government led by the Congress party on the other hand wants to deify and celebrate the Bahamani Sultans.




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