Dear Hindu Friends…..

Dear Hindu friends,

Can you lend me your ear for just one minute. In 2002, they said Narendra Modi instigated Hindus to riot and massacre ‘thousands’ of Muslims. After 10 long years the courts declared that this was a lie. They said the bomb blasts in Ajmer, Samjhauta Express and Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad were a result of Hindutva terror conspiracy. After another 10 years and many lives destroyed, the courts have now declared that this too was a lie. Then they said a 15 year old boy named Junaid Khan was murdered by Hindus in Haryana because he was carrying cow meat. This too was found to be a lie by the courts. More recently they spread rumors that we assault women with semen filled balloons to celebrate Holi. Laboratory tests have shown that this too was a lie.

During each one of the above lies being peddled by leftist Hinduphobes, you unquestioningly believed them and joined in their outrage. You shared Facebook posts, tweets and WhatsApp memes declaring that you are ashamed of being a Hindu. You probably even made videos and photos carrying placards with the hashtag #NotInMyName. Now that these lies have been exposed by courts and independent investigations, ask yourself one question. Why are you inflicted with such inferiority complex about your heritage that you would denounce it at the slightest nudge.

Our ancestors have endured centuries of barbarian conquests, rape, murder, slavery, discrimination and persecution. They accepted the status of a second class citizen, dhimmi, and paid jizya. Yet they did not relinquish their Gods or faith. They persevered and preserved their traditions to pass it on to us. And here we are, after more than 7000 years, as the only living pagan civilization. It is our duty to those forefathers to preserve what we inherited and pass it on to the next generation, so it can stay alive for another 7000 years and beyond.

Today once again, they are branding us rapists. They are telling us that our temples are places where little girls are raped and murdered. They are passing on cartoons where Shiva Lingam and shoolam are being depicted as instruments of sexual violence. They are once again trying to shame us into renouncing our faith. This when the facts of the case are yet to be established beyond doubt through due process. This when no one felt ashamed of their god even after their co-religionists raped and turned Yezidi women into sex slaves in their quest for a caliphate. Or after their padres sodomized thousands of little boys and were graciously pardoned by their head pontiff.

So, stop for a second and think before furthering the agenda of Hinduphobes. Ask for proofs from those trying to guilt trip you into submission and don’t be a gullible fool. Hold on to your outrage at least till the facts are established through due process of law. That’s the least you can do to not defile the memory of your brave Hindu ancestors.

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