What Drives The Left’s Outrage On The Kathua Case?

An 8 year old girl belonging to the nomadic Bakerwal community goes missing in Rasana, a village close to Kathua town in Jammu and Kashmir on the 10th of January this year. After 2 days, her parents register a missing report at the local police station on the 12th. From a Google search, there wasn’t much reporting of this incident around these days. It’s quite possible that some local papers in that region had reported the case but nothing in the Delhi centric mainstream media.

First reports of this incident appear in local media outlets around the 17th when the girl is found dead in the forest near Rasana. The discovery also led to an uproar in the J&K assembly. On 18th January reports of the incident appeared in mainstream media including leftist outlets such as Scroll, The Week, etc. There wasn’t much attention paid to the incident by the adarsh-liberal outrage brigade. On 19th January, the J&K government ordered a magisterial inquiry; still no attention from the outrage gang.

The Bakerwal community protested that they were not satisfied. So, the case was transferred to the crime branch of J&K police on the 22nd January. This was still not worth the time of the professional outragers from the Left. The special investigation team (SIT) of the crime branch randomly picked up a large number of Hindus from the region and subjected them to torture during their investigation. The harassment was so bad that some of the women folk resorted to hunger strikes and had to be hospitalized. The Leftists were still not moved.

In the background of this targeted harassment of Hindus and the associated protests, the SIT prepared to submit its chargesheet in the Kathua district court on 9th April. During the process, they were obstructed by a group of lawyers shouting pro-India and pro-Hindu slogans. And all hell broke loose. From the Indian media to the foreign media, from the Kashmiri jihadists to the Islamists in Malappuram, from the Turkish extremists to the UN, everyone was involved and outraged.

The point that I am trying to make here is that the outragers didn’t really care that a little girl went missing from a trouble-torn region. They didn’t care that she was found murdered, probably after being raped. It didn’t bother them when there were wide spread protests against this or when the police committed human rights violation in trying to fix the blame on a particular community. They were stirred into action only when there was a excuse to link the horrific crime to Hindu activism. Because their entire existence and activism is driven by a single point agenda, Hinduphobia. For them, any issue is worth pursuing if, and only if, it can be used to tar the Hindus of India. Otherwise, it is does not get their time or attention.

Subsequent developments only strengthen this conclusion. In the days following the events near the Kathua court, a dubious claim made in the chargesheet that the girl was raped and murdered in a local temple became the the main rallying point for the outrage by the leftists. Messages started circulating in social media urging Hindus to be ashamed that our temple was used to rape and murder a year old girl. The Bollywood celebs almost immediately got hold of their virtue signalling placards and jumped in to bolster their liberal creds.


Notice how the placards prominently highlight that the crime site was a temple. Then came the unending series of cartoons and drawing by those affiliated with the Left parties, especially the CPI(M), where the Hindu Gods and their symbols where depicted as instruments of violence and sexual assault. Some of these offensive paintings were officially commissioned and displayed proudly under the CPI(M)’s banner, sometimes right next to a temple.

There was a leaderless hartal in the northern districts of Kerala where Hindus and their properties were specifically targetted for violent assaults. This included violence and vandalism directly targeting the temples themselves (reports here and here).


Then came the caste and religious profiling of the accused.


And finally the opeds accusing the entire Hindu population of this country of rape and apartheid.

It is pretty clear now that the outrage of the leftist professionals is not driven by their disgust towards the crime or a sense of duty to secure justice for the innocent victim. It was rather an opportunity for the Hinduphobes to jump out of the closet and celebrate their bigotry in front of the whole world without inviting so much as a squeak of condemnation.

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