What is Communism

There is a Malayalam movie, called Comrade in America starring Dulqur Salman as the comrade who goes from Kerala to America via Mexico and fights their immigration policy. It is a typical red-film. For those who may not know, there is a special kind of cinema in Kerala whose only purpose is to peddle communist propaganda. I call these red-films. The frequency with which these red-films get made increases every five years when the Marxist party, CPI(M), comes to power in the state. For a red-film, CIA is pretty faithful to its purpose peddling convenient, unchallenged and simplistic “truths” about CPI(M) and Communism. There is one particular sequence in the movie where our comrade hero explains what Communism is to his girlfriend who, by the way, is conveniently portrayed as a bimbo who doesn’t know the difference between Communist party meetings called Party Congress and the Gandhi-Nehru family property,  the Congress party.

If you fall for the propaganda of the red-films,  you may believe that Communism is same as the much cherished human values like compassion, benevolence or civility. But even a cursory glance at the history of Communist regimes in different parts of the world will show us that the truth is much grimmer than what commie propagandists would want us to believe. There is a book called The Black Book of Communism which has documented in depth the reign of terror, violence and murder that the Communists had unleashed in different parts of the world. Communist regimes turned crime and repression into a mechanism for governance. Communist governments have been responsible for the murder of at least a 100 million people from around the world and they did this using state power. Governments that were supposed to protect the life, liberty and property of citizens, murdered their own people.

Take Stalin, who is to this day worshiped by Indian Communists as a hero.  To implement communism in soviet Russia as envisioned by Marx and Engels and Lenin, he murdered some 20 million people. Another Communist hero, Mao, killed more than 40 million workers and peasants so that people’s revolution could happen in China. By the time Pol Pot was done with  implementing communism in Cambodia, a quarter of that  country’s  population was wiped out. If you do a Google search for ‘Pol pot’s rule in Cambodia’, the first image that shows up is that of a mountain of bones. That is the legacy of Communism in every region where they came to power.

Even in India. Such stories of horror can be heard in every state, Bengal or Tripura or Kerala, where the commies have been in power. There is one particular incident from Bengal that is so gruesome that even thinking about it makes me squirm. In Bardhamaan town there was family, the Sain family, that was prominent in the Congress party. CPI(M) wanted this family to switch sides and join them; but they refused. In retaliation, mobs of Communist cadres stormed the Sain residence, dragged out Pranab and Moloy Sain from their home and murdered them. But the dance of violence did not stop there. Rice was mixed with the blood of the dead Sain brothers and force-fed to their mother. What kind of a deranged animal would do something like that to a grieving mother? A Communist, that who can do something like that. That’s what Communist ideology does to you – turns you into a monster. The post-script to this incident, call the Sainbari incident, is that Nirupam Sen, the mand who led the attacks on Sain family was elevated to CPI(M)’s Central Committee. Post-post-script to this is that karma finally caught up with Nirupam Sen and he died recently after suffering for many years from ailments.

Even now, right in front of our eyes, the Communists are continuing their campaign of bloodlust in the only state left in India where they have any power, Kerala. Since 2016 when comrade Pinarayi Vijayan became the Chief Minister of Kerala, there have been at least 20 political murders in the state.  

You won’t see this kind of violence and body count associated with any other political philosophy in the world. The most vilified political ideology in modern history is probably Nazism in Germany, and deservedly so. Even they were responsible for only a fraction of civilian deaths when compared to the commies. In fact many of the torture techniques that Nazis employed in their concentration camps were borrowed from Stalin’s playbook.

So, clearly from the evidence of history, Communism is not some benign do-gooder philosophy like our comrade hero wants his girlfriend to believe. It’s not as simple as sharing what you have in abundance with your friend. What communism really is, is legalized robbery. Grab something that doesn’t belong to you. Spend it the way you want, for things that you deem to be important. Charity at the expense of someone else’s labor. Communism is authoritarianism combined with corruption. Communism is a worse form of repression and intolerance than any other political ideology seen in human history, and that is including the Nazis and other fascists. It takes humans and turns them into murderous maniacs.

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