The Newearth

The year is 2557. It’s been almost 2 centuries since the ASHASKRA from the edges of the galaxy had first arrived on Earth on a diplomatic mission. They were the first ever non-terrestrial lifeforms that we had made contact with after centuries of search that had first started in the 21st century. Their arrival was greatly celebrated around the world; every country leapt forward to host them and establish trade relations. They wanted to harvest salt from the oceans to use as fuel on their planet MALTP and in turn offered us help with mastering the wormhole technology that would enable us to explore the corners of the universe that were till then unreachable.

In time more of them arrived on our planet and started unbridled mining for salt. Gradually, salinization of the soil rendered most parts of the earth unfit for agriculture. The widespread famines that resulted wiped off most of human and animal population. Chlorophyll pigmentation in their skins allowed the Ashaskra to survive on photosynthesis. And their ability to regenerate extremities made them a very difficult enemy to defeat. We tried to make peace with them, allowing them to control our territories and dictate our laws. But they wanted the entire Earth for themselves, so they can hollow it out and power their planet.

The remaining humans, with our animals and our plants, retreated to one of the few places remaining on earth that was still vegetative, an island in the Pacific Ocean, which we called the Newearth. This was the last piece of land on Earth where we could grow food, our last refuge and fortress on a planet that we had dominated till only a couple of centuries ago.

Three weeks ago, we got word from our scouts that the Ashaskra are preparing for a final assault on the Newearth, intended to wipe out the entire human race and seal their dominance on this planet. We have since started preparing, fortifying our defenses. The superiority of our enemy makes the fate of this battle a foregone conclusion. Our only hope is to buy enough time for our engineers to complete construction of the space ship, also called the Newearth, that would carry the human survivors away in search of a new home in the Universe. The time has arrived for the humanity’s final stand. 

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