The cult of one

…….it cost the nation a lot to keep you in poverty – Sarojini Naidu to Mohandas Gandhi

Nothing has harmed the Hindu cause in modern era more than the personality cult, the deification if an individual. In 1947 we had the opportunity for a new beginning. Total population exchange and a constitution and governance system rooted in Indic wisdom accrued over centuries would have created a rooted, stable and progressive Republic. Instead, our forefathers chose to hitch their destiny to the whims and absurd world view of one person and deified him as a Mahatma. Decades later we are only just starting to realize the poison fruits of that blunder. The Hindu civilization is clearly at crossroads. What we do now will decide if the civilization that withstood nature’s ravages, barbarian aggression and colonial oppression, would survive to fight more battles and pass on its wisdom.

If we do not wake up and act to secure our social, cultural and civilizational interests even now, our successors for generations to come will suffer, probably without a way out. But what we are seeing once again now is our propensity to seek an easy way out by surrendering our interests to the personality cult. We are once again deifying an individual, forgetting that humans, as a rule, are fallible, prone to errors and miscalculations. That’s why the collective wisdom of the society reflected through the democratic process is so crucial. By shirking from our responsibility to scrutinize the decision makers, we are making the come back journey of our kids and grand kids impossibly arduous. Hindus have paid a very heavy price for having created one Mahatma. Let’s not push ourselves into a deeper pit by making another one. This one might be too deep to crawl out.

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