Tanishq, Eros Now and the business of Hindu hate

Recently the jewellery brand Tanishq released an ad which triggered a massive backlash on Twitter and other social media platforms. The ad had a pregnant Hindu woman, ostensibly married into a Muslim family, and how broad minded this family was that they celebrate her baby shower as per Hindu custom. The idea was to show the situation of a Hindu girl in a Muslim family as some kind of an ideal that Hindu girls should aspire for. This, when the lived reality of most Hindus who get into such relationships is totally the opposite.
Just days before this ad, a Hindu boy named Rahul Rajput, barely 19 years old, was brutally murdered by the family of his Muslim girl friend. In Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh, a Hindu girl was beheaded by her Muslim husband and his friend for refusing to convert after marriage. Our vernacular news media is replete with such reports every day. But the left liberals would want Hindu girls to think of marriage into Muslim families as some kind of a Sooraj Bharjatya movie.
A few days after the Tanishq ad, Eros Now, a producer and distributor of Hindi movies came out with some extremely vulgar ads about Navaratri virtually saying that celebrating Navaratri is nothing but a free for all sexual orgy. These ads too were withdrawn after social media outrage.
This sort of behaviour is not restricted to ads. Almost every streaming platform, from Netflix to Amazon Prime Video to Alt Balaji to Zee 5, are filled with shows and movies that have denigrating and maligning Hindu beliefs and culture at their core.
Liberal media outlets have already started their propaganda linking Diwali with air pollution. This is not limited to just Navaratri or Diwali. Every year, during every Hindu festival – be it Diwali, or Dussera or Onam or Rakshabandhan or Holi – left liberals start their Hindu hate propaganda to vitiate the celebrations.
Why does this happen. It is not like the ad agencies designing campaigns for Tanishq or Red label or surf or Eros Now are too stupid to know that what they are doing is going to outrage the Hindu sentiment. Still they do it. Why? Why do they think it is alright to attack our customs, beliefs or festivals. Why are we constantly under attack in our own homeland. It’s not random; there is a very good reason. And that’s what I discuss in this episode from The Basement.

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