Some notes on results of Kerala local body election 2020

Few days back, on 16 December, results of the election to the local self-governing bodies (panchayats, municipalities, corporations, etc) were announced. These elections are generally considered a dress rehearsal or an opinion poll for the election to the state assembly in May next year. As the table below will show, however, the results were not commensurate with the noise each front generated.
In my view, the result is a reflection of the political realignment of different religious and social groups happening in Kerala. This realignment is what has helped CPIM and LDF overcome the sort of corruption and criminal behaviour allegations which have never been seen in the state’s political history. Continue reading Some notes on results of Kerala local body election 2020

India and the socialist Betaal

India’s relationship with socialism is like that of Vikram and Betaal, with a small twist – the more we try to get rid of it, the deeper it gets rooted into our society.
We have to find a way to free ourselves of this Betaal called socialism if aspire for dignified living and if we want to leave a nation for our children that appreciates and encourages innovation, hard work, honesty, risk taking and prosperity. Continue reading India and the socialist Betaal