2020: The year in review from the basement

There is no doubt that 2020 was an year like none before, at least in the recent memory. A good part of this year was spent locked down to escape from the virus. Being someone who any way didn’t care much about going around, the lock down did not really bother me. But what did bother was the constant fear of accidentally catching the bug and more worryingly passing it off to my family. This was also the year I totally realized how privileged a life I had and was profusely thankful to every single person and event that helped me make it this far. Before the pandemic took over our lives, I had started this year with a few targets to complete in this year. The objective of this post is to review how far I was able to complete them and to set some new targets for the next year.

Resolutions, old and new.
Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

At the end of last year, 2019, I had wanted to rejuvenate this blog into an active reflection of the culture war that was well underway in India, in which the Left had a dominant position. The plan was to post at least 2 well researched and comprehensive blogs every month. On review, I have posted a total of 15 blogs on this site this year. So, that’s quite a distance away from the target. You will find all the blogposts here.

creating written content
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

Another part of the plan was to produce video content in the form of vlogs and explanatory videos on various issues of concern for the Hindus in India as a community. While the plan was to produce at least 12 videos through the year, I was able to make 8 starting with the one on the background and need for the Citizenship Amendment Act and the last one was on why hinduphobia sells in India. You can find all the videos here. I would have loved to make much more of the video content, but this being a one person enterprise it takes a lot of effort to research, film and edit the videos. Still I feel I could have stretched my efforts a bit more.

running for a healthy 2021
Image by kinkate from Pixabay

At the personal front, I wanted to take up running in a more structured and regular way to get into shape. In January I joined a training program and even ran my first formal 5K. But then soon after things got disrupted by lock down and running halted for a few months. Yet, I ran some 400 kilometres this year but getting into shape part still a work in progress. I also started bullet journaling this year and shifted to using Ubuntu on my personal computer.

I ran my 1st formal 5K race this year
I ran my first formal 5k race this year

So, looking back I could have done a lot more with a bit of discipline. But overall I would say things have progressed and the calculation is a positive. Considering how bad things were for a lot of people in India and around the world, I am lucky to be where I am. Now, its time to press on and make a more meaningful leap.

looking forward to 2021
Image by h kama from Pixabay

Now looking forward to 2021. I will try to run at least 1500K this year and hopefully be able to run in the Hyderabad Marathon. I want to double down on my efforts on this site, publish more blogposts and produce more video content than last year. In the run up to assembly elections in Kerala in May 2021, a lot more of the content will be covering political developments in the state. There will also be some fiction content coming in the form of written and narrated stories. By the middle of 2021, I hope to move this site to an independent, self-hosted platform. I really hope you will join me in this exciting journey into the next phase of The Basement.

As always, if you like what I do here, please share the information about this site and our YouTube channel with your family and friends. Your support is what keeps me going.

Wish you, your family and friends, a great year ahead.

Featured image credits: Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

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