Undemocratic: story of the war on democracy in India

When Manmohan Singh was pretending to be the Prime Minister of India but Sonia Gandhi was actually taking decisions from behind, the government policy was not decided by the cabinet but by Mrs Gandhi’s kitchen cabinet called the NAC, the national advisory council, filled with leftist activists like Aruna Roy, Yogendra Yadav, Jeane Dreze, Harsh Mander, etc. After 2014, when that corrupt and inept government got kicked out, it should have been the end of this activist gang’s ability to dictate our lives. But that was not to be. When they lost government power, they took over the streets and continued tormenting the country for denying them power.

Since 2014, when Congress was kicked out from government and Narendra Modi was elected Prime Minister of India, the country has suffered a constant assault of agitations and riots orchestrated by the radical Left activists. Leftists resorting to these kinds of tactics to undermine the outcome of the democratic process is not at all surprising; that’s what they have been doing in our country and across the world whenever they lost control over the government.

In this vlog, I take a look at how the radical left has been subverting democracy in India through use of violence and has been attempting to deny us, the people of this country, the right to determine government policies. Watch to understand their tactics and methods.

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