Kerala Elections 2021 and Sabarimala Temple

It’s election time once again in Kerala. A new state assembly will be in place by May of this year. Traditionally, the trend has been that every five years, the government in the state changes between Left Democratic Front or LDF led by CPIM and United Democratic Front led by Indian national congress. Since 2016, it is the LDF lead by Pinarayi Vijayan that is in power in the state. One of the issues being discussed by the political parties in the state, especially the opposition parties, in addition to the innumerable scams and scandals, corruption, nepotism, backdoor appointments and political violence under Pinarayi Vijayan government is the issue of Sabarimala Temple.

In this byte from the basement I discuss where the 3 main political parties in Kerala, the CPIM, Congress and BJP, stand regarding the Sabarimala Temple issue and the promises they are offering the Hindus of Kerala in the run up to the assembly elections. I also discuss how trustworthy these promises are considering the history of these parties towards the issue.

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