Post-election Violence in Bengal: 2021 season

As most of India is suffering under the 2nd wave of COVID pandemic, there is an additional humanitarian tragedy unfolding in the state of West Bengal. Following the recently concluded assembly elections in the state, supporters and active workers of the losing political parties, especially the BJP, are being persecuted and hunted down by the goon squads of the Trinamool Congress Party of Mamata Banerjee that won the elections. Tens of thousands, primarily Hindus of the state, have been displaced from their homes and have taken refuge in camps in neighboring states.

As this perversion of democracy is still unfolding, the Indian state and those responsible for upholding the constitution have turned a blind eye. In this vlog, I examine the cast of characters in this tragedy and identify those who are persecuting Hindus of Bengal and those who have abandoned them after promising justice.

If you would rather listen to this byte from the basement, a link to the podcast version is available on Anchor.

Letter 10: Right-wing, left-wing and Hindus in India Letters from the basement

In this episode of letters from the basement, we examine the idea of right-wing vs left-wing politics and ask if this political dichotomy is relevant in the context of Hindus living in India. —————————— —————————- Music by jorikbasov from Pixabay
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  3. Letter 8: Dear Hindus……………..a letter from Palghar
  4. Letter 7: Undemocratic: the story of radical Left's war on democracy in India
  5. Letter 6: Kerala, Communists, Statues and Hypocrisy

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