Why is a Soumya from Kerala among victims of terrorism in Israel

In this vlog, I tell you about a very specific victim of the latest escalation of tensions between Israel and Palestine and what her story tells us about Kerala. This victim I want to talk about is a young woman named Soumya Santosh. She was working as a nurse in Ashkelon city in Israel and was originally a resident of Idukki district in Kerala. She left behind a 9 year old son. There are two aspects that I will discuss today regarding Soumya’s martyrdom. First is how the society in Kerala reacted to the news of Soumya’s death and second is why I consider her a martyr.

If you would rather listen to this as a podcast, you can catch the audio on Anchor.

Letter 10: Right-wing, left-wing and Hindus in India Letters from the basement

In this episode of letters from the basement, we examine the idea of right-wing vs left-wing politics and ask if this political dichotomy is relevant in the context of Hindus living in India. —————————— http://www.lettersfrombasement.in —————————- Music by jorikbasov from Pixabay
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  4. Letter 7: Undemocratic: the story of radical Left's war on democracy in India
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