Though India secured political freedom from colonial rule in 1947, it did not result in cultural freedom for the Hindus. Nor did the Indian state reflect the values and world-view of the native civilization of this land. In fact the Indian state in it’s endeavor to soften the hard edges left by the bloody partition of our land on religious lines, embarked on a cultural re-education program of the Hindus. The result is a confused nation not even awake to the fact that it is governed by a constitution that denies equal rights to Hindus and empowers the state machinery to indulge in cultural persecution.

Letters From The Basement is an attempt to inform the sleeping Hindu society and coax it into action. The Basement will be a platform for original content and discussion on topics related to the culture, traditions, rights and politics of Hindus in India, and beyond, presented through blogs, podcasts, stories, and videos. You can get updates of the latest posts on this site by subscribing to our Telegram channel.

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