Palghar Mob Lynching and What That Symbolizes for Hindus in India

On 16 April 2020, Kalpavrikshagiri Maharaj and Sushilgiri Maharaj of Juna Akhada were lynched to death by an armed mob along with their driver Nilesh Telgade near Gadchinchale Village in Palghar district of Maharashtra, India. What makes the gruesome incident worse is that it happened in the presence of the police who not only abdicated their responsibility but acted like cowardly onlookers. The entire incident … Continue reading Palghar Mob Lynching and What That Symbolizes for Hindus in India

The Unrelenting Misogyny of Kerala’s Red Films

Some of the finest movies, actors and technicians in Indian cinema have come out of Kerala. When it comes to quality, Malayalam movies are probably the best in the country. Kerala is also one of the most politically aware states in India and this is reflected in the movies that are made in the state. During the 1980’s and 90’s political movies were quite popular. … Continue reading The Unrelenting Misogyny of Kerala’s Red Films

The Malabar Hindu Genocide

The atrocities on Hindus in Malabar which started with the invasions of the region by Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan, reached their climax in August, 1921. Under the guise of the anti-British Khilafat agitation, Maplahs of Malabar unleashed a reign of terror on the minority Hindus of the region. Loot, arson, rape, murder and force conversions went on for months before the British army suppressed … Continue reading The Malabar Hindu Genocide

Lessons from Gujarat to Delhi

Traditionally, BJP’s strength has been nationalism and Hindutva. Recent events, however, show that opposition is now going out of its way to neutralize these. For example all the national flag waving, anthem singing, etc during the anti-CAA protests by Hinduphobes. These are the same people who used to burn the flag and were rabidly resisting standing up for the anthem in theatres. They are also … Continue reading Lessons from Gujarat to Delhi

Conductors in the Gut that tune the Brain: The Microbiome story

In popular perception, micro organisms, especially bacteria and viruses, are often linked to disease. This kind of perception is definitely not without a reason. Pathogenic agents have been responsible for so many deaths over the years that diseases like the plague have shaped the course of human history. But do you know microbes are actually necessary for us to stay healthy, that there are 100 times … Continue reading Conductors in the Gut that tune the Brain: The Microbiome story

The Citizenship Amendment Act

On 9th December 2019 Home Minister of India, Amit Shah, introduced the citizenship amendment bill in the Parliament. The bill was passed in the Lok Sabha on 10th December and in Rajya Sabha on the 11th. The law that came into effect from 10 January 2020 is the now controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Since then there have been protests in many parts of the … Continue reading The Citizenship Amendment Act