What is Communism

Despite claims of its supporters of standing up for equality and justice, communist politics has always been associated with violence, repression, authoritarianism and intolerance of dissidence. However, there is a tendency to romanticize and justify communist excesses as a deviation rather than its characteristic. Such exercises are generally supported by popular culture in movies, television and books. As also by politically motivated left-liberal academics. Here is my attempt to counter that propaganda.
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In ‘progressive’ Kerala, Hindus can’t even have a dignified death

Kuttiyamma was cremated on a road. Other options available to Hindus in Chengannur, Kerala are donate the body of the dead to medical college or convert to Christianity and use the cemetery. How did Hindus in ‘progressive’ Kerala reduce to such pitiable state? Read on to know more. Continue reading In ‘progressive’ Kerala, Hindus can’t even have a dignified death